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About ArtMobb:

Art Mobb aka The Athlete's Artist, is a world renowned contemporary street artist base out of Los Angeles. His vibrant and dynamic pieces have been received with overwhelming admiration from the subjects of his works to sports fans and art enthusiasts alike. TheLead's very own Tim Livingston caught up with Art Mobb as the young artist's work exploded onto the scene back in 2013.

In addition to working with several athletes and celebrities, a large part of Art Mobb's mission involves giving back. Born out of a passion and respect, those that make a difference, Art Mobb’s work is dedicated to providing hope and opportunity to others.

WTF is TheLead?

TheLeadSports kicked off in 2015 with a newsletter (now known as TheQuickie) that quickly became the “modern sports page” for busy people.

In addition to delivering news like an old school newspaper — trading the mailbox for an inbox — people grew to love TheLead for its wit and irreverence. If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill basic bitch “AP-style” sports writing, you’re in the wrong place…

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